Get Back Up

There's always a good excuse isn't there? To not do that thing you really want to do. That thing that deep down you're terrified of doing. There's always something better, always something more important, always something easier to deal with right now than that. It's easier to go out with your friends than to work … Continue reading Get Back Up



Think about the person you love most in the world. Think about how they make you feel. what their laugh sounds like, what their arms feel like when they hug you, what smell always reminds you of them. How you can tell it's them from a ridiculous distance just by the way they walk. Think … Continue reading Meditation

Beauty Standards

Every culture comes with different pressures to look or dress a certain way. It's such an integral part of our identity; it's how we present ourselves to the world, it's how we incorporate our interior and our exterior. Whether you make a point of caring about what you wear, or make a point of not … Continue reading Beauty Standards

Happy Father’s Day

When I was 13 or 14 I had to tell my dad I didn't love him. But not in the same way every angry child says that to their parent when they've been wronged. I had tears in my eyes and I could barely even say it. I felt horrible for doing it, horrible at … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day


I don't remember much about how we got there. Some nice couple picked us up at a gas station and let us ride on the back of their van. There were no seats and it was crammed with stuff so we lay on top of some suitcases. All I had with me was a duffel … Continue reading Perdition

April Showers

Trying to keep our spirits up on the way back from the gym when it's pouring ice on our heads in the middle of April. Apparently bad weather is conducive to silly rapping. Add as many verses are you like in the comments, we were just ad-libbing for fun. Slushy weather in April This ain't … Continue reading April Showers

Why Is This Not Common Knowledge?

Small double post for this week because I can't help but be astounded when I see videos like this. Not because I think they're absurd, but because I find the information in them so obvious that I can't understand why someone needed to take the time to film, edit, and post a video about it. … Continue reading Why Is This Not Common Knowledge?


A friend recently challenged me to write a creative story based on a random theme he came up with. It was pouring buckets that day so his theme wasn't terribly surprising. Anyway, this is what came out of it... She had forgotten what it felt like when the sky forgave you. So when the first … Continue reading Rain

Pondering Power and Strength

There's a strange notion that seems to pop up whenever feminism, or the #metoo movement, or any related topic is discussed. There seems to be this undelining assumption, or idea, that men have a greater capacity for perversion than women. You hear it when father's talk about their daughter's dating boys and how "they know … Continue reading Pondering Power and Strength

Waves in a Storm

She drove slowly toward the edge of the cliff. The water danced merrily underneath, oblivious to whatever was above or below its depths. Relaxed, almost content, she watched the waves for a moment. Then she revved up the engine and let the car awkwardly sputter into the water, reluctant to sacrifice itself to the abyss. The darkness gurgled the metal … Continue reading Waves in a Storm